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Bonus fact, I’m bored out of my mind right now. .-.


Here It Is!! Hibiscuspanda’s First Raffle!



Hey Bloomers! Bad news…We lost 3 followers…BUT!! Good news is,is that I’ll be hosting my first raffle!! I’m sorry,I couldn’t wait😂😂


Here’s how to enter!

(+1 entry) Reblog,Like,and comment : PANDA RULEZ

And you’re entered!


Extra entries :

Give this blog a shout out (+2)

Email me an edit (+4)

Email me a recolor (+4)

Comment below your favorite My Little Pony (+2)

and thats it!


Here are the prizes

1st Place – The password for my secret page (coming soon),A page all about them,A free fantage account,and a spot on this blog,Permanently or 3 weeks (your choice)

2nd Place – The password for my secret page (coming soon),A shout out,A free fantage account,and a spot on the blog for 2 weeks

3rd Place – Password to the secret page (coming soon),A shout out,and a spot on the blog for a week (7 days)

Sorry for the…

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Oh my Golden Freddy.

Okay so. What the Hell ( Hell is not a swear word. It is a place. Just pointing that out. ) Is this?

Not for the little ones.

( Yes I did say THAT word. I’m pretty sure that’s what haft of the people where thinking too. ) This right here to me. is just sickening, I mean You’re basicly tricking little kids of Fantage to look up Porn thinking that there going to get free gold. Just no please. Ugh I’m gonna end this here because I don’t wanna go off into a swearing rant.

Lot’s of Love ~ xSugarhighx